Reduce your electric bill.

Preventive Solar Maintenance

Improve your solar power output.

Iowa Solar offers a full service preventative solar panel maintenance, including regularly scheduled cleaning and repair services. For a simple rate, we can help ensure your solar panels are performing at their maximum efficiency year round.

Some of the best kinds of solar maintenance are:

  • • Keep them clean.
  • • Remove obstructions and trees.
  • • Monitor your power output.

We do all the preventative maintenance you need on your solar installations with our maintenance packages. We tighten the bolts, check everything, and make sure your installation is perfect over the long term.

Can Iowa Solar help me?

Iowa Solar has been successfully saving residential customers money on their utility bills for years in the Quad Cities area. You can trust Iowa Solar to do a great, professional job of installing solar panels on your home or business. Our solar installation professionals do a great job at providing Iowa and Illinois customers with all the information they could want on the solar installation process.

Why Iowa Solar Helps You Better

We know all about the necessary maintenance for solar panels. Nobody does solar better than us.