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How long will my solar panels last?
Our solar panel manufacturer's provide a warranty that guarantees specific output levels for 25 years. This means that your panels should be generating a good amount of solar energy for at least that long. However treating your panels harshly or severe weather may affect the life of a panel (even the strongest panel can't survive a direct hit from a tornado, for example).
What will my energy savings be?
Excellent question! The answer is different for each individual installation. Our representatives are happy to talk to you about exactly how much electricity your property has the potential to generate.
Do you offer a protection plan?
Yes! Talk to our representatives about signing up for our extended warranty and preventative maintenance plans for a low annual fee charge on a per panel basis.
Do you offer financing?
Yes! We can fully finance your solar panel installation. Simply talk to one of our representatives and they will get you an idea of what you will be paying.
Can you install on my flat roof?
Yes! Commercial systems are almost always on flat roofs, but we offer these systems for residential customers as well. Simply talk to our representative and give them all the information about your needs and roof type.